Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010

Exhibition in Palermo, Italy.

Ten years have passed by since my return to my homeland after four years (1997-2001) of hard work and study in Italy. This brought about the idea of reviving my connection with the Italian art scene and organising an exhibition there. Thanks to the association Maestri d'Arte, which shall start to represent my work in Italy, I will be showing my first exhibition in 2011 at the Mayor's Palace, in Palermo, Sicily. This exhibition, taking place in January, shall be followed by another one in Italy (in collaboration with Maestri d'Arte) later on during the year.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Installation - December 2010

I have recently collaborated with artist Martin Attard in the creation of an installation in conjunction with the opening of the new boys' secondary school in Gozo. The idea behind the work created was to manifest symbolically the transition from the old to the new educational premises. The underlying concept was to instill an awareness that there exist no present or future without their past. The dignity of old furniture, stored educational resources or historical documentations was restored with their presence, even though temporary, during the celebration of this transition. Abandoned objects and faded photos evoked memories of educators, students, visitors and past educational experiences. The 'ready-mades' or recycled objects displayed in the installation contrasted with the modern structures and refurbishing of the new school. A sense of nostalgy and simultaneously, the awareness of changing times, could be sensed thoroughly in the intimacy of the atmosphere created.

The display of found objects and their re-utilisation in unfamiliar contexts is not something new to my repertoire of contemporary art creations. This methodology has recurred frequently in the creation of installations displayed in my past exhibitions.